Sunday, November 29, 2015

ZeroUV sunglasses for fall & winter

I can't complete an outfit anymore without one of my ZeroUV sunglasses. I'm so excited to pair my new collection of sunnies with my winter outfits. 


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Comptoir des Cotonniers 2016 Spring/Summer Showroom

I always love visiting the Comptoir des Cotonniers showroom, and this time my friend Amy and I checked out their lovely 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Starting with their trademark "Canyon Pink," this collection embodied everything sweet and feminine, created with beautiful colors and textures perfect for spring. My favorite were the "La Slash" shoes with the shoelaces on the side. How cute are they? Thanks Eri and Comptoir for having us!

Comptoir des Cotonniersのショールームはいつも楽しみにしています。そして、今回は2016年の春夏コレクションを拝見させて頂きました。春のトレードマークカラー「カニオンピンク」をはじめ、このコレクションはとても軽やかでフェミニンな感じに仕上がっていました。素材の肌触りがよく、春にはぴったりのカラーも豊富でした!私のお気に入りは「ラ・スラッシュ」のスニーカー。靴ひもがサイドにあるのは、めずらしいですよね!コントワージャパン、いつもありがとうございます!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

EGOIST Spring/Summer 2016 Exhibition

I visited a couple exhibitions for the upcoming Spring/Summer collections this week, but I don't think I'll be able to post about them all. EGOIST is a popular Japanese women's fashion brand, but it was my first time checking out their collection. Denim, pastel colors, and silks were among some of my favorites here. Since it's so cold outside that I can't leave without a coat, the spring and summer vibes from this exhibition were just what I needed. 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Accepting yourself

In the last 5 years, I've changed significantly - my look, my style, the way I view life. 5 years can seem long to some, short to others. To me, it's both. I went from a university student studying piano to Tokyo-based model, went from long, light-brown locks to short, black chops. In terms of looks, I've learned to fully appreciate the features given to me from my parents. Even my terrible complexion that is half-genetic and also caused by stress and other factors, are now my battle scars. 

If I had stayed in my hometown after college, I would have never known the world I am in right now. Living alone, away from my family, trying to navigate this country that is sometimes familiar, more oftentimes confusing because of my American ways. I've lost people, but gained connections and friendships of more people who have watched me grow, suffer, then grow some more. I am nowhere near perfect, but I'm finally learning to accept myself, the things I cannot change, and also the things I can improve. 

It might take some a long time before they are truly comfortable in their own skin, and that's fine. But it really doesn't help to compare yourself to others, to be better than other people, and not be a better version of yourself. I can say that it didn't really help me. Find inspiration in others and your surroundings, and incorporate that into your ever-changing self. Then maybe, people will find inspiration in you, too. Love yourself first - it will change everything only in good ways.




Photos by Ryo Maeda, hair & makeup by Tadaaki Higashimura

Saturday, November 21, 2015

OUTFIT | A denim dress on an autumn day

dress: Free People
vest: Forever 21
shoes: Converse
hat: JAMS Project
sunglasses: ZeroUV
watch: Fossil

It's hard to believe we've already passed mid-November, and the colorful leaves are starting to flutter onto the pavements to create golden carpets. I'm recently very into vests because they provide the perfect level of warmth for these semi-chilly days. This faux leather/fur vest from Forever 21 is my favorite - it's casual yet chic at the same time. And this denim dress from Free People is one of the most comfortable dresses I own, and I love it! I was a little doubtful at the boxy silhouette at first, but after wearing it several times, the doubt vanished. These photos were taken in the backstreets of Harajuku by the talented Oscar Cruz. The wall clock and the octopus plant look unreal, but they were so real.

もうすでに11月中旬が過ぎ、色とりどりの葉が道に舞い降りて黄色い絨毯を作っています。最近ハマっているものはベストです。ちょっと冷えている日にベストを着ると、ちょうどいい暖かさだからです。このForever 21のフェークレザーとファーのベストはお気に入りです。カジュアルですが、シックにも着こなせる万能なアイテム。そして、このFree People のデニムワンピースは、オーバーサイズで着心地が本当にいい!最初は、四角いシルエットに疑問はありましたが、いざ着てみたら、全然気にならなくなりました。この写真は原宿の裏道で、Oscar Cruzさんに撮ってもらったものです。大きな時計とたこみたいな植物は本当に存在するの?ってくらいリアルに見えない。

All photos by Oscar Cruz