Saturday, June 25, 2016

Top 10 Gladiator Sandals under $150

Gladiator sandals have come in and out of style for the last couple of years. I used to wear a pair or two when I was attending university - while they are comfortable and great for the daily, the lace-up detail makes a statement for any outfit. Maybe it's because I haven't updated my shoe collection with a new gladiator sandal, but I've been browsing around for a pair. Shopbop has plenty of great colors and styles and some for under $150! Which one is your favorite? Check out more gladiator sandals at Shopbop!

1. Free People Cynder Gladatior Sandals // 2. Soludos Platform Gladiator Sandals // 3. Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Studded Sandals // 4. Kendall + Kylie Faris Wrap Sandals (also in black) //
5. Dolce Vita Jasmyn Gladiator Sandals // 6. Splendid Carly Lace Up Sandals // 7. Free People Dahlia Lace Up Sandals (also in gold) // 8. Raye Sloane Gladiator Sandals // 9. Soludos Flat Lace Up Sandals // 10. Free People Sun Seeker Gladiator Sandals


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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer jumpsuit style (feat. Comptoir des Cotonniers)

jacket: Comptoir des Cotonniers
sandals: Steve Madden; bag: OZOC
sunglasses: zeroUV; earrings: Beach Closet

A jumpsuit with a sophisticated silhouette and design is a must have for the summer months. I would wear this one from Comptoir des Cotonniers every day if I could - it's the simplest way to exude Parissiene chic without much effort. I paired it with a relaxed fit jacket also from the same collection, but kept my accessories simple this time with some round, retro frames from zeroUV and mini tassel earrings from Beach Closet. A friend of mine is the designer behind the pretty beach-inspired accessories from Beach Closet, so it would mean a lot if you checked out her designs!

大人っぽいシルエットとデザインのオールインワンは、これからの暑い夏の日にぴったりなアイテムです。コントワー・デ・コトニエのだったら、毎日着たいぐらいです!パリジェンヌシックを、エファートレスで演出できるからです。同じコレクションのリラックスシルエットのミリタリー風ジャケットと、シンプルなアクセサリーと合わせました。ZeroUVのレトロな感じの丸いフレームのサングラスと、Beach Closetのエレガントなタッセルピアス。私の知り合いがやっている、海をテーマにしたアクセサリーブランドで、すごく可愛いものばかりです。Beach Closetをチェックして下さい!

All photos by Djeff

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Handmade jewelry from Uncommon Goods

Sophisticated jewelry can be colorful and bold to some, simple and elegant to others. Although I love wearing jewelry that stands out sometimes, I also love something dainty as well. I recently found these silver and gold beauties from an online store called Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods is a privately owned retailer that sells unique jewelry, designer decor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people. Every single item of jewelry on their site is handcrafted by craftsmen from different parts of the US, and this time, I selected jewelry from Pretty Peacock, Individual Icon, and Catherine Weitzman. 

お洒落なアクセサリーは誰かにとってカラフルでボールドものであれば、他の人にとってシンプルでエレガントなものであるかもしれない。目立つアクセサリーを付けるのは好きですが、きゃしゃなものを付けるのもすきです。最近発見したオンラインストア、Uncommon Goodsで可愛いシルバーとゴールドのジュエリーを見つけました。Uncommon Goodsは個人所有された小売店で、ユニークなジュエリー、デザイナーデコール、小物や手作りギフトなどを、自然環境を大切にしながら作られたもののみを販売しています。全てのアイテムはアメリカの職人が作ったのもので、今回セレクトしたものを紹介します。

The latitude longitude custom rings from the Pretty Peacock comes in a set of two, one of them custom made with your choice of location, meaning the designer will inscribe the latitude and longitude points for your desired point on the map. I chose Tokyo, Japan because moving here was a life-changing experience for me.


When I saw the Phillips head screw earrings, I knew I had to get them. Created by LeeAnn Herreid, this unique design is made of sterling silver, perfect for my earlobes that get allergic reactions to cheap material.

Philips ヘッドスクリューピアスを目にしたとき、絶対欲しいと思いました。LeeAnn Herreidさんが作ったユニークなデザインはスターリングシルバーでできているので、金属アレルギーになってしまう私にはぴったりなのです。

Since I can never choose between silver and gold jewelry, I selected a few gold pieces as well. The starfish earrings and gold leaf ring by Catherine Weitzman were inspired by her extensive travels by land and sea. She expresses her love of nature through her beautiful jewelry designs. The details are so intricate as you can hopefully see through the photos.

いつもゴールドとシルバーで迷ってしまうので、シルバーだけではなく、ゴールドのジュエリーも選びました。ヒトデのピアスとゴールドリーフリングは、海陸を隅から隅までたびしたCatherine Weitzmanさんのオリジナルデザイン。自然への愛情があるこそ、美しく繊細なジュエリーが作れるんです。

Uncommon Goods is a great place for up and coming designers and craftsmen to get their work out there and join the community by participating in the jewelry design and art challenges. Their Uncommon Collection, introduced in 2015, is an exclusive assortment of products that meet their highest standards for uncommon design, sustainability and doing good. Uncommon Goods is a great place for creative minds and lovers of all things handmade - I highly recommend it! Check out more handmade jewelry, earrings, and all other jewelry at Uncommon Goods.

Uncommon Goodsは、新人デザイナーと職人の作品を世に出すための場所には最適で、ジュエリーデザインとアートチャレンジに参加することで、コミュニティーの一員になることができますよ。「Uncommon Collection」は2015年に紹介され、特定なプロダクツを詰め合わせたコレクション。珍しいデザイン、継続と良い行いをすることを最高水準としています。Uncommon Goodsは、クリエーティブな方たちと、ハンドメイドがお好きな方にぴったりなサイトだと思います。ハンドメイドのジュエリーイアリング、そして全てのジュエリーを是非チェックして下さい!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mixing multiple styles in one outfit

top: Adidas x Rita Ora; skirt: OZOC
sandals: Steve Madden; sunglasses: zeroUV
clutch: Dezso; bracelet: Rings & Tings

I'm a hybrid, meaning I'm a mix between two different ethnicities, two different cultures. I'm bilingual, hence why my blog is written in English and Japanese, and also why I can understand both Japanese and American culture better than some. And ever since I've started living in Japan, my style has changed significantly as I continue to incorporate more and more Japanese trends and style with my California style.

So with that said, this OOTD is a mixture of different brands, styles and trends. The J Brand collaboration jacket from Comptoir des Cotonniers is military chic, with a clean silhouette that accentuates the waist. The Adidas by Rita Ora top is quite sporty on its own, but since the color scheme is similar to the jacket, I was able to tone it down with the jacket and the skirt. Skirts are the epitome of femininity, and this fringed denim skirt is a huge trend this season. Instead of shoes or sneakers, I thought a pair of dainty suede sandals would add an element of chic to the outfit. And along with military and sporty, I just had to add a touch of California style with the palm tree clutch and zeroUV sunglasses. 

Style is personality, and personality is style. Creativity in fashion is endless, so have fun with it!

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そこで、今回のコーディネートは様々なブランド、スタイルとトレンドのミックスになっています。コントワのコラボレーションジャケットは、ウエストラインを綺麗に見せるミリタリーシック。Adidas by Rita Oraのトップスはそのままだと結構スポーティーなのですが、ジャケットと同じ色合いなので合わせやすく、フェミニンに着こなすことができました。スカートはどんなスタイルでも女性らしいし、今季のデニムフリンジトレンドを取り入れてみました。足元は、シューズやスニーかよりかは、品のあるスエードのサンダルをチョイス。そして、ミリタリーとスポーティースタイルに合わせて、カリフォルニアスタイルのクラッチとサングラスは欠かせません!


All photos by Irwin Wong