Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Metrocity x APEACE

Yesterday, Metrocity had a collaboration event with K-pop group APEACE at Shinjuku Odakyu Hyakkaten. Many of their fans were waiting in line before the department store even opened - crazy! I was lucky enough to hang out backstage with them while they were prepping for the photo event. All the boys were so courteous, funny and of course, pretty cute! Can't wait to see them again!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

Romanticism in the city - pt. I featuring Free People

top: Free People
sunglasses: Free People
boots: Free People
hat: JAMS Project
pants: Madewell

I don't know anyone around me that doesn't like Free People, and if I could, I would wear everything on their website. This airy, black lace blouse is a new favorite of mine - I just love how it moves in the wind, and the beautiful lace detail across the shoulders. I wanted to contrast this dark, almost gothic look with the clean-cut buildings and architecture of Shinjuku. Because romanticism still exists, even though the times keep changing. 

Have you ever shopped at Free People? What are your favorite items? Let me know in the comments!

私の周りにFree Peopleを好きじゃない人は一人もいない気がする。できれば、全商品を着用したい。このエアリーな黒のレースのブラウスは最近のお気に入りです!着心地がすごくいいし、肩幅のレースのディテールが素敵なの。このムーディーでダークな雰囲気のコーディネートを背景の新宿の未来的なビルとコントラストしたかった。今でも、この変わりゆく時代の中に、まだロマン主義は存在するから。

Free Peopleでお買い物はしたことありますか?好きな商品は?コメントで教えて下さい!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rainbow spectrum with Black Arrow Photography

I don't own this sweater. Rather, it doesn't exist in this form. When I shot with Omar from Black Arrow Photography last month, he told me to wear something simple because he would be adding graphics when editing the photos. I was pleasantly surprised when he sent me these because they are so much more colorful than the originals. My Forever 21 sweater was transformed. Loving the retro/futuristic feel of these edits. What do you think?

私はこのセーターを持ってません。というか、こういうデザインで存在しません。先月、Black Arrow Photography のオマールさんと撮影したとき、「シンプルな服装で来てね」と言われました。その上からグラフィックを追加するから、と。出来上がった画像を見たとき、すごい、こんなことも出来るんだ!とびっくりしました。シンプルだった服装がカラフルに仕上がっていて、Forever 21のセーターが変身していました。このレトロで未来感のあるエディット、結構気に入っています。どう思いますか?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10 inspirational blogs I love

I think it's about time I share some of the blogs I read. This is only part of the list of favorites, so I'm hoping I do another "blogs I love" post in the future! Do you know or like any of these blogs?

  1. Into the gloss - This is probably my go-to beauty blog. I absolutely love their interviews and introduction to skincare products. 
  2. Fetish Tokyo - Len of Fetish Tokyo is a gorgeous Japanese fashion blogger, and her outfit posts are always on point. Definitely a great style inspiration.
  3. The Equinox Fashion - I've gotten to know Gail of The Equinox Fashion blog over the past few years, and her blogging tips are always insightful. Such an intelligent and stylish gal! Check out her current posts on London Fashion Week.
  4. Aibina's Blog - Aibina is a fashion blogger from Kazakhstan. Her blog and photos are so professionally put together, and I look forward to her outfit posts. She has a fantastic Instagram page as well!
  5. Love from Berlin - Get a beautiful glimpse of Berlin through Rae's travel and lifestyle blog. She has amazing photos!!
  6. Naomi in Wonderland - One of the most informative travel blogs I've come across! Naomi travels all over the world, and offers great travel advice as well as beautiful photo diaries and guides.
  7. Our Ruins - This is truly a unique blog - do you know anyone else that blogs about abandoned and decaying places? I sure don't. The sometimes eerie photos are surprisingly breathtaking. Valerie also blogs at Roadesque, so head on over!
  8. Bébé de Juillet - The cutest blog/blogger ever! Reena's style is the perfect balance of cute, feminine and playful, something I would never be able to pull off. Such a joy reading her blog. 
  9. Pretty in Leather - I had  the opportunity to meet Yuka last winter in L.A., and I absolutely adore her style and personality. She is the epitome of cool-girl California style.
  10. Francis Kenneth - I don't often read menswear blogs, but Kenneth runs a quality menswear fashion blog that is worth checking out. Amazing style and photography!