Saturday, October 22, 2016

My first article for Cosmopolitan Japan

My first article as contributor for Cosmopolitan Japan is now up on their website! Introducing 5 bold lip colors from 5 different brands for an easy fall makeup look. The article is in Japanese, but there are photos and links for all the lip colors I recommend. You can read the article here on Cosmopolitan Japan.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mixing the old with the new

You can never go wrong with an oversized, ankle-length cardigan. While there are many ways to style one, this time I opted for simple, yet quality pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite Rag & Bone tee, a pleather skirt, my mom's old LV purse, a silver bangle with a leather wrap-around from Spanish jewelry brand Uno de 50, and my new Puma Gold Collection kicks. When there's too much black, a touch of white does the trick with a pair of zeroUV sunnies. Comfort in style is my motto.

スーパーロングカーディガンは、以外と万能なアイテムです。様々なスタイリング方法はありますが、今回はシンプルでクオリティーのあるものを合わせてみました。お気に入りのRag&BoneTシャツ、フェイクレザーのミニスカート、お母さんが昔パリで買ったヴィトンのバッグ、Uno de 50というスペインのブランドのシルバーとレザーのバングル、そして、Puma Gold Collectionの新しいスニーカー。黒系が多すぎるかなって時は、ちょこっと白をプラスしたらいい感じ。ZeroUVのサングラスはそういうときに便利!「動きやすく、スタイリッシュに」が私のモットー。

Bershka cardigan, Rag & Bone T-shirt, the Dayz tokyo skirt, Puma sneakers, zeroUV sunglasses, Uno de 50 bangle, Reebok cap, Asos choker, Louis Vuitton bag

All photos by Rhino Lee

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Black & white nostalgia

Black & white photography immediately arouses feelings of nostalgia. I'm a pretty nostalgic person at heart, especially since I live a completely different life than I did until 4 years ago.


Forever 21 dress, Chiara Ferragni espadrilles, Are You Am I choker, zeroUV sunglasses

All photos by Gabriel Perez.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pleated blue velvet

From the previous weekend when I had a delicious buffet-style brunch at the Shinjuku Park Hyatt. A girl has to spoil herself sometimes, you know?


Top & bottomBershka; hat: Moussy; bag: Metrocity; choker: Asos; watch: Klasse 14; shoes: Adidas 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Heather 15th Anniversary party

Japanese brand Heather celebrated its 15th anniversary at IDOL with an abundance of pink. Popular model Maggy is currently the image model of the brand - wall photo collage was my favorite decoration. It was my first time meeting Nylon blogger Andreea, who is probably the cutest fashion blogger I've met.