Monday, May 25, 2015

三代目 J Soul Brothers "J.S.B.Dream" music video

You're probably wondering why I'm posting a random music video out of the blue. Well, it's not that random. I'm actually in it if you look really closely! It was a pleasure working on set for this awesome music video. Even though I only got to meet one of the singers (Hiroomi), he was absolutely courteous to all the girls on set. I'm very impressed with how the video turned out! And love the song, can't help but dance :)


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jeffrey Campbell x Maybelline Japan party

Tonight was the Jeffrey Campbell party in collaboration with Maybelline Japan. I remember when I bought my first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbells back in college, and I loved them so much I ended up barely wearing them.. ha. Anyways, the selection of shoes tonight were adorable with a variety of shapes and colors to choose from. Even the hors d'oeuvres were beyond cute! I especially loved that a collection of the shoes had a Maybelline theme, where the platform shoes were the same color as the nail lacquer or the Baby Lips chapstick. Last but not least, drummer and singer Shishido Kavka perform an amazing set. I'd seen her on TV several times, but seeing her live was a whole other experience. And it's always great to run into my model & blogger friends. Photographed with me are Marie Nakagawa, RinRin Doll, and Natalia of Tokyoholic. Thanks Jeffrey Campbell and Maybelline for a fun party!

今夜は、Jeffrey Campell x Maybelline Japan のコラボパーティー、「靴とコスメとスイーツと」でした!とてもお洒落で花やかなパーティーで、たくさんの可愛い靴や、コスメにうっとり。スイーツもメイベリンのコスメのカラーに会わせていて、可愛かったです。最後に、シシド・カフカさんのライブがあり、皆ものすごく盛り上がっていましたよ!迫力のある楽しいパーフォーマンスでした。そして、久々にモデルとブロガー友達に会えたことに感謝♪マリーとリンリンとナタリアさんと。

Friday, May 22, 2015

Comptoir des Cotonniers 2015 A/W showroom

This afternoon, I stopped by the Comptoir des Cotonniers 2015 A/W showroom. My blogger friend Natalia of Tokyoholic first introduced me to the brand, and it has then become one of my favorite brands. Their Autumn/ Winter collection had both feminine and edgier pieces, all of which were super chic. My favorite item was the leather jacket - how neat that the sleeves could be removed easily to be transformed into a leather vest! I had the pleasure of meeting the designer for Comptoir, Anne Valerie Hash. She was such a sweet lady and an important figure in the fashion industry. I love the direction she is taking with the brand as their is a broader spectrum of styles, but cohesive as a collection. 

今日は、コントワー・デ・コトニエの2015A/W 展示会に行ってきました。ブロガー友達のナタリアさんに紹介して頂いた以来、とても気に入ってしまいました。フェミニンなものもあれば、エッジの効いた素材やシルエットもそろっている、幅広いコレクションとなっていました。私のお気に入りは、袖を取り外せるレザーのライダーズジャケット。ベストにも変身できるのは、大活躍しそうですね!コントワーのデザイナーのアン・ヴァレリー・ハッシュさんにもお会いできて、嬉しかったです。これから、ブランドをどういう方向性に導くか、楽しみです。

Thursday, May 21, 2015

OUTFIT | Colorful vibes in Huntington Beach

blouse: H&M
shorts: Uniqlo
shoes: Vans
sunglasses: Free People

I currently live in an area where it takes 2 hours in the least to get to the nearest beach, so it was a real privilege growing up next to one in Surf City Huntington Beach. My brother and I took a quick drive to our local beach and enjoyed some California sun. When my dad passed away two summers ago, all I wanted to wear was black, no matter how warm it was. I always thought it was respectful to mourn for those who have passed by wearing black. Just two weeks ago, my grandmother passed away, but the things I remember most about her are her smile, laughter, her warmth and love. Instead of donning myself all in black, I want to celebrate her amazing life by wearing some more color. I hope to follow her footsteps and be a more gracious and caring person for myself and those around me.

Trying to live life more colorfully, take it day by day, and make the best of it. Until next time, California.



photos by E. Rhodes

My dear grandmother

I didn't announce my week-long trip to California this time, because my beloved grandmother passed away suddenly and I needed to spend time with my family. I couldn't believe my ears when my mom called me to tell me the devastating news. My dad had just passed away less than 2 years ago, and this time his mother... I was not planning to have to say good-bye to her so soon. She was the most beautiful woman inside and out, so gracious, caring and loving to everyone around her. I'll truly miss her southern-style cooking, her baking, the stories she told of her childhood, and just being in her presence. She taught me the importance of family and of God, and to keep them close to your heart. Grandma, you will be truly missed by many. I love you and miss you so much. May you rest in peace and watch over us from Heaven with Dad.