Friday, July 29, 2016

Calvin Klein A/W 2016 Collection

Chic, monotone floral print, simple silhouettes. The Calvin Klein Platinum collection was everything I've dreamed of. I love #mycalvins ♡

シックでモノトーンなフロラルプリントとシンプルなシルエット。カルバン・クラインのプラチナコレクションが私の想像を超えたものでした。#マイカルバンズ 大好き♡

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Okami Kult in Shibuya

T-shirt: Okami Kult; jeans: SLY
underwear: Calvin Klein; hat: New Era
sunglasses: ZeroUV; watch: Klasse 14
bracelet: Giles & Brother; shoes: Vans
shoe accessories: Mohee

What better location than Shibuya, Tokyo to shoot some street style. I've mentioned in previous posts that Viktor is the creative mind behind the Tokyo street wear brand Okami Kult. This time I styled one of his logo T-shirts my way with some of my favorite accessories and street-inspired pieces in my closet. And the backstreets of Shibuya are home to some of the coolest graffiti and other street art. I think the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

ストリートスタイルの撮影をするには、やっぱり渋谷が持ってこいの場所。前の記事に、友人のヴィクターさんがOkami Kultというストリート系ブランドを立ち上げたと書きました。今回は、彼のロゴTシャツをストリート系のアイテムを合わせてみて、自分流にスタイリングしてみました。渋谷の奥の方に、色んなところにグラフィティや他のストリートアートがあるので、歩くだけで楽しいです。あとは、写真をご覧になって下さい♡

All photos by Viktor Farkas

Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Freedom Speech" photo & art exhibition by Marie Nakagawa

Earlier this week, I stopped by my good friend Marie's photo & art exhibition titled "Freedom Speech." Held at Blue Books Cafe in Jiyugaoka, Marie and twin photographers Two Face Photograph teamed up to make this exhibition happen. Along with her photographs, you can check out her original artwork and remade denim pieces on display. She is one of the most creative people I know, and I'm so proud of her for making this project a success! Congratulations Marie!

今週、親友のマリーのフォト&アート個展、「Freedom Speech」へ行って参りました!自由が丘のBlue Books Cafeというお洒落なお店で行われているこの個展は、双子カメラマンのTwo Face Photographとコラボしたものです。彼女の写真以外にも、彼女が作ったオリジナルの作品も展示されています!モードなマグカップやお皿、そしてデニムをリメイクしたものも見れますよ!私が知っている人の中で、マリーは本当にクリエイティブだと思います。おめでとう、マリー♡

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to pick the perfect black skinny jeans

I think one of the essentials to a good wardrobe is the perfect black skinny jean. And in order to find the one that fits you the best, you may have to invest in it. After going through pair after pair of black jeans over the years, I've found that paying a little extra for that perfect fit makes all the difference. So I'd like to share a few (hopefully) helpful tips on looking for that perfect pair.

First of all, why does a girl even need the "perfect pair" of black skinny jeans? My answer: you can dress it up or down, it goes with almost any kind of shoe from sneakers to boots, and they can flatter your legs. Many of the famous bloggers wear a pair or two (or ten), with a casual tee or, a flowy blouse, or a cool leather jacket. The combinations are endless.

When shopping for your new pair of black skinnies, make sure you have an idea of what kind of fit  or cut you want. If you tend to wear cropped tops, maybe a high-waisted fit is suited for you. Or if you like to wear heels, maybe a pair with a cropped hem. If you like wearing ankle boots, a longer hem might be better.

After you figure out which one is better suited for you in terms of fit, decide on a style. Do you think you'll wear yours rough and casually? Or will you wear it in a more "formal" setting? Some styles may come with rips in the knees, so think back to the rest of your wardrobe and see what would match better with your clothing.

Lastly, choose a wash. You might think all black skinny jeans are just plain black, but some do come in lighter washes closer to a dark gray. Depending on the shade of black you choose, it can change the feeling of an entire outfit.

Did the tips help at all? Here are some of my favorite black skinny jeans from Shopbop to give you an idea:

More black skinny jeans on Shopbop here, check them out as well!







This post is sponsored by Shopbop.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chiffon, lace and bows

lace kimono: Zaful; top: Topshop
shorts: Levi's; shoes: Chiara Ferragni (Farfetch)
sunglasses: ZeroUV; choker: Are You Am I
bag: Ted Baker

Today's my first full day off since my birthday, and it feels so good to finally spend my morning like it's Sunday. Doing a lot of odd jobs these days, including modeling, blogging, narrating, sometimes singing, sometimes translating, sometimes teaching... it means my schedule changes weekly and I'll sometimes work weekends and get random days off during the week. Which is great, actually - I can do some shopping on the days when Shibuya isn't swarming with too many people among other things. If you've never been to central Tokyo on a weekend, you really need to brace yourself especially if you're slightly claustrophobic like me. 

With that said, a little about this outfit: I centered it around this "kimono" jacket from Zaful, balancing it out with a crop and high-waisted shorts. Something billowy and flowing like this is ideal for a humid summer day. This online store has a lot of cute bathing suits for sweet deals, so go check it out at And I just love how these photos turned out! I met up with Taiwanese photographer Rhino, who is currently based in Japan right now. Check out his Instagram here!



All photos by Rhino Lee