Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10 inspirational blogs I love

I think it's about time I share some of the blogs I read. This is only part of the list of favorites, so I'm hoping I do another "blogs I love" post in the future! Do you know or like any of these blogs?

  1. Into the gloss - This is probably my go-to beauty blog. I absolutely love their interviews and introduction to skincare products. 
  2. Fetish Tokyo - Len of Fetish Tokyo is a gorgeous Japanese fashion blogger, and her outfit posts are always on point. Definitely a great style inspiration.
  3. The Equinox Fashion - I've gotten to know Gail of The Equinox Fashion blog over the past few years, and her blogging tips are always insightful. Such an intelligent and stylish gal! Check out her current posts on London Fashion Week.
  4. Aibina's Blog - Aibina is a fashion blogger from Kazakhstan. Her blog and photos are so professionally put together, and I look forward to her outfit posts. She has a fantastic Instagram page as well!
  5. Love from Berlin - Get a beautiful glimpse of Berlin through Rae's travel and lifestyle blog. She has amazing photos!!
  6. Naomi in Wonderland - One of the most informative travel blogs I've come across! Naomi travels all over the world, and offers great travel advice as well as beautiful photo diaries and guides.
  7. Our Ruins - This is truly a unique blog - do you know anyone else that blogs about abandoned and decaying places? I sure don't. The sometimes eerie photos are surprisingly breathtaking. Valerie also blogs at Roadesque, so head on over!
  8. Bébé de Juillet - The cutest blog/blogger ever! Reena's style is the perfect balance of cute, feminine and playful, something I would never be able to pull off. Such a joy reading her blog. 
  9. Pretty in Leather - I had  the opportunity to meet Yuka last winter in L.A., and I absolutely adore her style and personality. She is the epitome of cool-girl California style.
  10. Francis Kenneth - I don't often read menswear blogs, but Kenneth runs a quality menswear fashion blog that is worth checking out. Amazing style and photography! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Charm bracelets by Glamulet

You might think charm bracelets are the thing of the past, when we would collect them as young girls and maybe trade them with our friends. But I recently discovered Glamulet, a jewelry brand where you can customize your own bracelets, rings and necklaces. I received 5 charms of varying designs and colors for my bracelet, and I think less looks more elegant and refined. Head over to Glamulet.com and enter samantha15 at checkout!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

OUTFIT | Blue on gray denim

jacket: Forever 21
jeans: Le Ciel Bleu
wedges: Zara
clutch: Dezso 
sunglasses: zeroUV
watch: BABY-G

It's the first day of October and we're back with more Paint with Stars Photography! After savoring some delicious french toast at Aaliyah cafe in Shinjuku, we snapped these shots in the middle of the streets. Sometimes the streets are blocked off for pedestrians in certain parts of Tokyo, and Ginza is also an example. I am in love with this denim jacket that I picked up at Forever 21 - I also wore it in my post with Sarah Ching Photography (view the post here). It just goes with anything and everything. 

Speaking of Forever 21, my style photo is up on their VOGUE girl Japan x Forever 21 campaign, which features 21 fall outfits using Forever 21 items. They made some cute LINE stamps, too, so check those out while you're at it!

My favorite sunglasses brand, ZeroUV, launched their behind the scenes video, "ZeroUV + You Lookbook." Featuring bloggers and models from the U.S. and Japan (including myself!), it's like a final curtain call for the summer. It was a such a pleasure working with the ZeroUV team for their latest project - bravo!

本日は、10月の初日。そして、リサさんことPaint with Stars Photographyに撮ってもらった写真を久々に載せることができて嬉しいです!数日前に新宿のアーリヤカフェで絶品のフレンチトーストを頂いた後、新宿内でスタイルスナップをパシャリ。たまに道が車が通らないように封鎖されているので、車を心配せずに歩き回ったり、写真を撮れるのは嬉しいですね。着用しているデニムジャケットはForever 21でゲットしたお気に入りです!こちらのブログ記事でも着てたの、覚えてるかな?色んな服に合うので、結構着てます♡

実は、Forever 21が、VOGUE girl Japanとのスタイルキャンペーンをサイトにアップしましたよ!秋の21コーディネートをこちらでご覧になれます。私も参加することが出来て、とても光栄です。是非見てみて下さい!LINEスタンプもすごく可愛いですよ!

そして、私の大好きなサングラスのブランド、ZeroUVが、behind the scenes ビデオをサイトにアップしました。"ZeroUV + You Lookbook" というプロジェクトで、アメリカと日本のブロガーやモデルさんをフィーチャーしています!(私もちょろっと出てますよ!)夏のいい思い出がたくさん詰まっている、素敵な作品です。ZeroUVさんにはいつも感謝してます。これからも宜しくお願いします!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

new kicks from MK

Some shiny, shiny new kicks thanks to Farfetch♡ I was surprised to find out I won the Farfetch x Unfollowers contest (you can see my post here), so I went on a little shopping spree and these beauties arrived on my doorstep. Thank you Farfetch!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

OUTFIT | Reflections in the rain with Jason Mordeno Photography

jumpsuit: Style Moi
necklace: Forever 21
heels: Zara
bag: Ted Baker

My photographer friend Jason Mordeno was visiting Tokyo again, and of course we decided to do a photo shoot, this time in the rain. Rain means umbrellas, but I didn't want one to get in our way. And shooting like this made me realize how beautifully glossy the streets look when wet, and how much more vivid one's reflection looks in the building's granite walls. And this jumpsuit from Style Moi was a favorite this summer, paired with a bold accessory and some heels. It's always a pleasure shooting with Jason - he works swiftly, and gives subtle direction that makes each photo more special. Thanks always, Jason!