Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japan Restaurant Week at Oshima Ginza

As promised, my experience from Japan Restaurant Week 2016 with my girls! For my friend Yui and I, this is our third consecutive winter participating in Restaurant Week, and this time, our friend Remy was able to join us for a Japanese-style lunch course at Oshima in Ginza, Tokyo. 3000 yen (roughly $30 USD) per person, this seafood course was completely satisfying, healthy and delicious. I don't think I can ever eat tempura that is any less tasty than this. And I'm so glad I spent my Valentine's with my girlfriends. Thank you ♡


happy valentine's day

It's Sunday, it's Valentine's Day, and I'm getting ready for my day with these makeup essentials. NARS is always an absolute favorite, but I love Maybelline for eyes and the NAKED 2 eyeshadow palette makes a perfectly subtle smokey eye. When I want something different with my eyeliner, I go with my red RMK liquid liner. And a new favorite of mine is this YSL Lumiere Divine highlighting face powder. It sets my foundation just right.

I'll be getting lunch with some of my girlfriends for Japan Restaurant Week (sort of like Dine LA, where participating restaurants have special courses prepared for lunch and dinner). I'll be posting photos later :) I hope ya'll enjoy your Valentine's Day as well! 

今日は日曜日、バレンタインデー。待ちに待った日なので、メイクに気合いが入ります♡ NARSは前から好きなブランドなのですが、アイメイクはMaybelline が好きです。やりすぎないスモーキーアイはUrban Decay のNAKED 2 のアイシャドーパレットがオススメですよ!アイラインを違う色にしたい時は、RMKの赤いリキッドラインを引いたりします。そして、最近気に入っているのはYSL ルミールディヴァインシリーズのフェースパウダーです!ベースをちゃんとセットしてくれてる気がします。

今日は、Japan Restaurant Week に参加しているレストランで、友達とランチしてきます!またあとで写真載せます!皆さんも良いバレンタインデーを♡

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busan, Korea

I just came back home after a 5-day hiatus from blogging. The first three were due to a shoot which contents I cannot disclose just yet. But all I can say is, my trip to Busan was very much needed after those long 3 days! I spent the night at the Park Hyatt in Busan (which was amazing!), and visited some of the surrounding areas. The view from my room was gorgeous during both night and day, the food was divine, and the weather, although chilly, was beautiful. Because it's so close to the ocean and is a port city sort of like San Francisco or Yokohama, the air is cleaner and I particularly enjoyed the architecture there. And coincidentally, I arrived in Busan just in time for the Chinese New Year. Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend if you celebrated it! Have a great week.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kiehl's Japan Press Conference

Kiehl's will be releasing a brand new product this year, and tonight the blogger press conference was held at Ebisu Act Square. The "Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate"made with the husk of quinoa (!!) is said to be revolutionary in skincare, and I have yet to find out how it fares with my skin. I'm sure most of you know by now that I'm a huge Kiehl's fan and I can't wait to try this concentrate. Stay tuned for an update on this product later on!